No hands! I’m my way to the airport and I’m not whistlin’ Dixie… Playing Atlanta tonight with Springfield + Benatar.

@Versa_Band: Sup


William Beckett | Jacksonville, Fl | March 22, 2014


Blowhole adventure @blakeve cc: @raulgonzo @shmaela (at Little River Blowhole)

Sierra and I are definitely a yin and yang. We have a lot of personality differences, which I think ultimately works towards a massive advantage. Where I lack, Sierra makes up and vice versa. Since we began making music together back in 2007, we’ve really been able to hone in on how this mechanism works x


"So grateful for our friendship 😐"

"Got this "boyfriend" pillow from a girl at m&g yesterday who said this should help me whenever I’m missing @xchadballx … It proved to be helpful all day yesterday…"